DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for anyone who feels they need a little extra encouragement! 


I specifically created this for women who are expecting a child or experiencing anything having to do with motherhood. This image is inspired by my own pregnancy. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was constantly fearful (and excited), and found myself coming back to this quote by Joan of Arc. It became my first trimester mantra. And as I approach the birth experience, I'm finding even more encouragement in these words. 


This quote can mean so much to so many... not just pertaining to motherhood. I wanted to make it available to anyone who needs encouragement- therefore, I'm providing it in the form of a digital download to make it accessible to anyone who may need or want it! 


I intend to take this image with me to the hospital when I go in to labor... where will you hang it to encourage yourself?! 


Love and encouragement (you were born for this!), MLE


PS. Please use this image with respect. Intended for personal, non-commercial use only. 

Born To Do This- Digital Download